Emily Ocker’s cast-on – for flat circular knitting

I’ve found this cast on very handy so thought I’d do a little picture tutorial to share. (I first saw this cast on described in Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac.)

This is a great cast-on for objects knit in the round from the centre out — think hats, doilies, circular blankets.




  1. Great blog! I’m so excited to see your version of Emily Ocker’s Cast On. I’ve knit a round baby blanket twice, and this time I can’t get it started. Age, I guess. But with this, I’m sure I’ll be able to do it!

  2. That’s not a single crochet that you’re doing. It’s a chain. If you pulled up 2 loops, then pulled a 3rd loop through both, that would be a single crochet.

  3. Great Job. I have a web page that is a LIST of cast ons, I have added your tutorial (most often, i have video links, but I think you photo tutorial is a good addition. Here is a LINK to the page, I give you credit for this version, (I link to it, and have added your name (Blog name)

    I will remove it, (if you request) or change the credit (to your name vs the blog)

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