Designer Resources

As a budding designer you may be looking for information on how to get started designing knit-wear/crochet-wear, how to multi-size (grade) your knitting patterns, sources for knitting stitches, yarn information, etc.

My first advice would be — join! The advice and sharing that is present in that knit and crochet community is just overwhelming.

So, as I come across resources that might be useful, I’ll add the links here. Hope you find it helpful, too.

Standard Sizing Resources for Preemies, Babies and Children have been moved to their own page here.

Standard Sizing Resources for Women have been moved to their own page here.

Men’s Standard Body Measurements have been move to their own page here.


Preemie to Adult Blanket / Afghan Sizes

Hat Sizing Chart

Kate at Tot Toppers has just put up a sizing chart for hats – an extensive measurement list including sizes from newborn to adult large.

(new Feb 2013) Woolly Wormhead also shares a sizing chart for hats on her website.


Other Resources

  1. Abbreviations – knitting: abbreviations to use when writing/reading patterns
  2. Abbreviations – crochet: abbreviations to use when writing/reading patterns
  3. Chart Symbols – knit: although not industry standard, a good place to start building your own symbol library; aim for consistency within your pattern writing
  4. Chart Symbols – crochet
  5. Crochet Hook Sizes: US and metric equivalents
  6. Croquis – drawing fashion figure templates to use for sketching your designs
  7. Drawing fashion figures: see Croquis above or Sketching below
  8. Gauge: Techniques with Theresa (
  9. Grading Knitting Patterns: Thinking Beyond the Pattern…Multisize Me and  Multisize Me More – great article at by Jenna Wilson
  10. Humour – the Yarn Harlot: when you just need a lift

Knitting Symbol Fonts:

  • Aire River Knitting Font; from the site “Individuals and self-publishers are free to use this font to develop knitting stitch diagrams for personal or professional use without royalty payments to the font designer.
  • (new Feb 2013) Stitch Mastery Knitting Fonts: a fantastic stitch collection for purchase; includes dot and dash cables, Estonian, Brioche, Twined symbols – 500 in all; for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • (new Feb 2013) Woolly Knitting Font: developed by Woolly Wormhead for her Twisted Woolly Topper book; from her website: “Please feel free to use this for your charting purposes – whether it be for private or commercial use. Credit is appreciated but not necessary.
  1. Knitting Needle Sizes: US and metric equivalents
  2. Measuring the Body: how to take/interpret body measurements and classification of ease
  3. Set in Sleeves: knitty article by Jenna Wilson (Girl from Auntie)
  4. Short Rows: samples (instructions and pictures) on Shifting Stitches blog;  5 methods, including Japanese short rows, by TECHknitter; the theory behind short-row shaping is also on the same blog
  5. Short Row Bust Shaping: Shifting Stitches blog articles Bust Shaping Part 1 and Bust Shaping Part 2.
  6. Short Row Bust Shaping: Knitty article also shows how to create a shirt-tail hem
  7. Sketching 101 by neoknits: first blog post in a series; includes printable croquis for flat sketching; use for pattern ideas / submission packages
  8. Sketching Fashion Figures ~  line drawing figures of men, women and children to trace from alleycatscratch
  9. Waist Shaping by Knitting DailyWaist Shaping Calculator from Knitting Daily
  10. Yarn Weights: US classification of yarns

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