This method was brought to my attention by a very talented Raveler and is based on the methods of Elizabeth Zimmermann.

The picture at left shows the Sewn Bind-off using a contrasting colour for clarity.  If using same yarn as garment, leave a tail 3 times the finished edge length.




  1. thread unattached end of yarn tail into a large-eyed needle

2. insert large-eyed needle from right to left through the first 2 stitches on left-hand needle

  3. pull yarn through; pull yarn snug but not tight, keeping an even tension
  4. insert large-eyed needle from left to right through 1st stitch only on left-hand needle
  5. pull yarn through, keeping an even tension
  6. slip 1st stitch off left-hand needle.

Repeat Steps 2 – 6 until 1 stitch remains on left needle

7. insert large-eyed needle from right to left into stitch on left needle and then into first bound off stitch from front to back and pull yarn through; weave in ends on WS

The contrasting colour is also a nice design option.

To use a contrasting colour, cut a piece of yarn 3 times the finished edge length plus 6”  /15cm; leave a 6” / 15cm tail at the beginning; follow Steps 1 – 7 above.