Charting Cable Stitches

Using Stitch Mastery Knitting Chart Editor

(New Note Jan 2013 ) I’ve been using this program now for a little over a year and can’t say enough good things about it! The developer is actively developing this software and responds to user input in a fantastic way. I recommend this software without hesitation.

Here’s an example of a very small chart created using this program – in this case it’s a make 5 stitches out of 1 stitch (for the base of a closed ring cable).

The key is generated automatically and the software now allows long definitions to be part of the key, if desired. Both charts and written instructions can be exported.

Make 5 from 1 Stitch

Using MSExcel to Chart Cables

Cable 2 over 1
2 over 1 Right Cross Cable

If you are writing your own patterns, charting Cable stitches clearly so that they can be understood by pattern readers can be accomplished in many different ways. There is no standard — only preferences expressed by designers / publishers.

Most designers/publishers develop a standard set of symbols / method that they choose to use. In the case of publishers {web-based magazines, print magazines or books}, a designer submitting patterns for publication will have to follow the standard symbols/methods as outlined by the publisher. Often, the publishers will create the final chart for publication, so no special software is required by the designer.

If a designer is self-published, however, the symbols/methods for charting cables are choices to be made by the designer. Will you hand-draw and scan? Will you use spreadsheet software? Will you use specialized charting software?

The picture above is an example of charting a 2 over 1 cable in Excel {please note that all other stitches e.g. the purl border stitches that might surround the cable, have been ignored for this example}. All lines in this chart were created using Borders in Excel {in the Format, Cells, Borders tab}.

Other Charting Resources

Knitty has a great article on how to get started creating charts

Using Excel to Chart Simple Lace Charts: excellent tutorial from Marnie MacLean

Using Excel to Chart Complex Lace Charts: excellent tutorial from Marnie MacLean


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