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Looking for the popular Travelling (Traveling) or Single Loop Method Tutorial? It now has its own page here.


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interfacing for blocking~ use Red Dot Tracer interfacing (available in most fabric stores); this non-woven interfacing is marked every 1″ [2.5cm] with a red dot, making it easy to pin your knitted or crocheted items to size when blocking

~also check out this article



Bind Off (BO)

3-Needle BO: used to knit two edges of live stitches together (this blog)

Cable BO: another Eunny Jang brilliant moment

Crochet BO: very quick regular bind off using a crochet hook

Crochet BO Using No Yarn: from the Yarn Harlot (scroll down the page just a wee bit)

Ending a BO in the Round: avoids a bump when binding off in the round

I-cord BO: provides an I-cord finish to an edge (picture tutorial from

Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy BO: great stretchy, elastic bindoff for socks, hats, etc.

Outline Stitch BO: matches Long-Tail Cast-on; easy; small irregularities if used with moss or Garter stitch; picture tutorial by Rox

Sewn BO (in the round): very elastic (a la Elizabeth Zimmermann)

Tubular BO: from TECHknitting

Cast On (CO)

Backward Loop CO: use to add stitches during knitting; very loose

Channel Islands CO: creates a slight picot edge (picture tutorial from

Circular CO – for beginning at the centre and knitting outward in the round (picture tutorial from; similar to Emily Ocker’s (see below) except it doesn’t use a crochet hook

Crochet CO: photo tutorial from Impeccable Knits

Crossed Yarn-Over Long-Tail CO: a looped, very elastic cast-on edge

Double Chain Cast On: an I-Cord imposter but easier!

Emily Ocker’s CO: almost invisible cast on when beginning at the centre of an object

Estonian CO: stretchy cast-on for ribbed garments; great for hats, socks, mitts, gloves… now also on our website with larger pictures.

I-Cord CO: from our blog

Judy’s Magic CO: Knitty article (static) of Judy Becker’s famous provisional cast on – great for toe-up socks; for a video “ Cat Bordhi does Judy’s Magic Cast on at TNNA”

Long Tail CO: How long should the tail be? How to match self-patterning yarn cast-on. videos from Rox

Long Tail CO – Purl Stitches: YouTube video

Moebius CO: Cat Bordhi YouTube video; also a photo tutorial on this blog here

Provisional Crochet CO – scroll down just a tiny bit

Sock Cast Ons (TD=top down; TU=toe up)

Estonian Cast On (TD): The Estonian Cast On tutorial is now also on our website with bigger pictures.

Very Stretchy Cast On (TD): YouTube video by Tillybuddy

Tubular CO Using Judy’s Magic CO: YouTube video

Twisted Backward Loop CO: elastic but more stable than Backward Loop

Twisted German CO: YouTube video

Socks Heels

Picking Up Heel Flap Stitches: YouTube video – a different way to pick up the stitches along the side of the heel flap that leaves a lovely chain finish


Latvian Twist CO Edge: (only on blog) creates scalloped edging; must be knit flat

Knitting Techniques

Backward Knitting: video by Rox

Norwegian Purl: video by Beth Brown Reinsel

Seaming: vertical to vertical (mattress stitch); vertical to horizontal, horizontal to horizontal — step by step (with pictures) tutorial from “My Virtual Sanity” blog

Single (Travelling*) Loop (not Magic Loop):knitting in the round when your circular needle is too long; this technique merits its own page on this blog 😉

*see link for attribution




Automating Needle/Hook Conversions: automatically inserts metric/US needle and hook sizes (on blog only: Jun 26, 2008)

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