Standard Body Measurements for Men

Sep 10.09: thank you to Raveler kindlingandtinder for providing expertise for the revised wrist measurements

In creating my men’s knitting pattern designs, I was using a collection of different measurement charts and finally decided that streamlining was in order. The result — the following charts.

There are limitations to standard measurement charts e.g. they assume that as a person increases in chest size they also grow taller and have longer arms. We all know that that is not so; therefore, these charts need to be complimented by your own measurements/knowledge. Please feel free to reference these charts as a jumping off point in creating your own designs.

click on each image for a larger size chart

 Men's Measurement table

men's measurement table in metric

A note about Size Range: The sizes included in these charts were limited by the information available. I just couldn’t find enough sources  above a 52 chest to create average figures.

A note about Fit: The Underarm Sleeve measurement will vary depending on the style of garment and amount of ease in the design e.g. a drop-shoulder style sweater will have a much shorter underarm measurement than a very fitted one with a set-in sleeve . Use your own experience and knowledge to complement these tables. It’s always best to measure the person for whom you are designing the garment. Another good comparison source is a sweater or sweatshirt that has the correct fit — measure it and compare it to these charts.

Sources: these charts were created by comparing and/or averaging figures from the following resources:
Knotions online magazine; Sweater Design in Plain English by Maggie Righetti; Yarn; Sears catalog; Burda pattern envelopes; and Simplicity pattern envelopes.

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