Bind Off, Multi-Color, Grafting, Short Row Shaping, Reversible & Crochet

Special Cabling Methods

Eunny Jang’s How to Unvent a Simple Cable

~ Eunny’s blog shows how the cables travel in the Saxon braid cable design

Cabled Bind-off (Eunny Jang)

~ a cabled I-cord bind-off

Grafting Cables

~ from the Wise Hilda Knits blog

Multi-coloured Cables

~ a blog describing  how to knit each cable rope a different colour with the background stitches in a third colour

Short Rows for Shaped Cables (Eunny Jang)

~ video from the Knitting Daily website; fairly general – explains the theory but not step-by-step

Reversible Cables

~ using 1×1 rib for cables: Lily Chin, Knitter’s Magazine site

~ Knitting Daily – YouTube video where Eunny Jang  demonstrates reversible cables

Crochet Cables

~ tutorial for a 3 over 3 cable

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