Backward Loop and Twisted Backward Loop Cast On

Backward Loop Cast On

Follow Steps 1 – 3 below. Insert needle from right to left into the loop. Pull yarn to snug loop on needle.

Twisted Backward Loop Cast On

This is a variation of the Backward Loop ( or Backward e ) Cast On. It provides an elastic cast-on edge while providing a little more stability than the simple Backward Loop Cast On.

In this technique, the yarn is twisted as you form the loop.

1. With the yarn at left end of work,place index finger over top of yarnfrom top to bottom 2. Twist index finger under yarn 3. and bring index finger up over yarn
   Step 5  
4. Turn index finger counterclockwise (close up of yarn twisted onto index finger; note the yarn attached to your work is underneath the ball end of the yarn) 5. Insert needle into loop on indexfinger from bottom to top
 2008_0814_backward_loop_twist0006  2008_0814_backward_loop_twist0007  Repeat Steps 1—7.Keep tension even on subsequent loops.
6. Slide index finger out of the loop 7. pull on yarn tail to snug loop.
Once the loop is on the needle, snug it up by pulling on the yarn tail. Be consistent in this snugging-up process to provide an even tension for the newly cast-on stitches.

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