Standard Sizing Resources for Women

  1. Women (Yarn Standards) Note: there is some discussion regarding the accuracy of the women’s sizing measurements as they apply to larger sizes
  2. Women (Ysolda) – links to a Pinterest board since the original Ysolda post is no longer available
  3. National Institute of Standards and Technology (from the 1940’s) US Apparel Sizing Standards; includes:
    Jr Petite: 3 – 15; Misses Petite: 8 – 18; Misses: 6 – 22; Tall: 10 – 22; Women’s: 34 – 52; Half Sizes: 12 1/2 – 26 1/2

Head and Foot

  1. Head: Preemie to Adult Head and Hat Sizes (Bev’s Country Cottage)
  2. Head: Preemie to Adult Large (Woolly Wormhead)
  3. Head (Yarn Standards)
  4. Foot: Preemie to Adult Foot Sizes (Bev’s Country Cottage)
  5. Foot (Yarn Standards)

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