Knotted Rib Hat (Free Pattern)

(This is an updated version of the pattern that was first published under my old PurpleSage Designs label in 2009. See the Original blog post here.)

Knotted Rib Hat Purl side
Knotted Rib Hat Purl side
Knotted Rib Hat Knit side
Knotted Rib Hat Knit side

Knotted Rib Hat

© 2009, 2014

This watchman’s style cap is reversible, so it will please those who like a lot of texture as well as those who don’t. It’s also long enough that you can fold up a generous brim — double layers to keep the ears warm! One size fits 20 – 24″ [51-61cm] head. This hat matches the Manly Scarf #8: Knotted Rib Scarf.


To fit head: 20 – 24” / 51 – 61cm


200 yds / 183 m worsted weight yarn; sample in Kertzer Northern Worsted (100% Acrylic; 230yds / 210m per 100g ball)


3.5 mm / US4 set of 4 DPN or size required to obtain gauge


22 sts and 30 rows over 4″ / 10 cm in Stockinette stitch, blocked


Stitch marker, tapestry needle to weave in ends

Pattern Notes

Hat is knit in the round on DPNs. Stitch Pattern used: Knotted Rib from The Harmony Guides: 450 Knitting Stitches Volume 2 (2004).


BO         bind off
cm         centimetre
CO         cast on
DPN       double pointed needle
EoR        end of round / row
in / ”      inch(es)
k            knit
k2tog     knit 2 sts together
kfb         knit into front and back of same stitch
p           purl
p2tog     purl 2 sts together
pfb        purl into front and back of same stitch
R           row
rep        repeat
Rnd        round
RS          Right Side (public)
st(s)       stitch(es)


This hat is knit long enough to allow for a generous fold up brim.

CO 110 sts.

Place an End of Round marker. Join in the round as you work the following round being careful that the cast on stitches are not twisted.

Rnd 1: * K4, pfb; rep from * to EoR.

Rnd 2: * K4, p2tog; rep from * to EoR.

Rep Rnd 1 – 2 until work measures 8.5 in / 22cm from beginning, ending having worked a Rnd 1 repeat i.e. there are 2 sts in each purl column.


The decreases on the crown are worked in a moving spiral pattern so that the integrity of the pattern is maintained and decreases are scattered over sets of 5 rows.

Decreases are worked thus:

maintaining the pfb / p2tog pattern of the purl rib section (i.e. if there is 1 stitch in the purl rib section, it’s a pfb round; if there are 2 sts in the purl rib section, it’s a p2tog round ), decrease 1 stitch every 5th knit section over the next 5 rounds {a total of 22 sts have been decreased over 5 rounds; there are 3 knit sts between the purl columns}

Repeat the above decrease sequence twice more; the first repeat will end with 2 knit sts between the purl columns, the second repeat will end with 1 knit st between the purl columns. The last round was a R2 i.e. p2tog repeat for the purl rib sts, therefore there are now 44 sts on the needles (22 knit and 22 purl sts).

Next rnd: * K2tog, rep from * to EoR.  22 sts.

Next rnd: * K2tog, rep from * to EoR.  11 sts.

Break yarn leaving a 6″ / 15cm tail.

Thread tail yarn onto a tapestry (yarn) needle and pull tail yarn through remaining loops. Pull yarn tight and weave in the end  carefully so that the hat can be worn either side out. Weave in any remaining yarn ends carefully.

Please note: This pattern, like all content on this blog and our website, is protected by copyright law. Please feel free to link back to this page if you’d like to share the pattern with others. 🙂

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  1. How do you download on the computer the Knotted rib knit the purple sage design in 2009? I can not get it print I have tried many different pages.

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