With a Little Help from our Friends



A dear online friend needs a little helping hand. She and her brother are facing some very difficult life challenges and if you can find it in your heart to help out, I know that they would be eternally grateful. Here is a link to their GoFundMe campaign.

I have known Kate through Ravelry for over two years and she is a kind and generous soul who is always helping others as well as knitting tons of things for charity. The GoFundMe page chronicles some of the difficult journeys – and some of the good times – that she and her brother have faced. Please take a couple of minutes to read her story.

Thank you, from a grateful friend.

A Celtic Quilt 2


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Brand new cable and lace knitting pattern! Call it a quilt or lapghan or afghan or blanket — make it larger or smaller or use one of the blocks for a matching pillow — so many possibilities!

And, from July 15 – 21, 2015, buy the pattern on Ravelry and save 25%A Celtic Quilt 2 v1.0 Cover A Celtic Quilt 2 v1.0 back cover

Joining a Vikkel Braid in the Round


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The following is used in the borders for each quilt block in the soon-to-be-published A Celtic Quilt 2 (and a variation of this technique is used in the outer border for my Celtic Quilt 1).

A Vikkel Braid places a row of knit stitches horizontally across the work. When knitting a Vikkel Braid in the round, you want to join the two ends so that it looks like one continuous line (avoiding the jog that usually happens when proceeding to the next round).

Here are some Step-by-Step pictures of the joining procedure:

(c)2015 Step 1: Insert RN tip through vertical bar of the first Vikkel Braid stitch and into the st below the next st on the LN

(c)2015 Step 2: Pull yarn through [to k1] dropping original st off LN (dropped st will seem to hang but will settle)

(c)2015 Step 2: Pull yarn through [to k1] DO NOT drop original st off LN (dropped st will seem to hang behind the work but it will settle)

(c)2015 Step 3: pass 2nd st on RN over first and off the needle

(c)2015 Step 3: pass 2nd st on RN over first and off the needle.

(c)2015 A Celtic Quilt 1 Outer Border

(c)2015 A Celtic Quilt 1 Outer Border

New video from MSF / DWB


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Find the knitter!!

p/hop (pennies per hour of pleasure) is a knitting and crochet fund raiser for Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières). Check out their wonderful pattern selection  and don’t forget to donate! Both my Northmoor Watchcaps and Tomar Socks are available only through p/hop.

3NBO Revisted Part 2 – knit-purl


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Part 1 is here.

Today we’ll look at using a k1, p1 sequence for the 3-Needle Bind Off.

Step 1: Knit 1 st from the front needle together with 1 st from the back needle (usual 3-Needle BO step).

Step 2: Move the yarn to the front between the needles. Insert the working needle through the next st on the back needle as if to purl, then through the first st on front needle as if to purl. Purl both sts. Use a Standard Bind off to bind off sts on Right needle.

3nbo kp step 2

Repeat Steps 1 and 2, binding off 1 st on the Right needle after each step.

Here is the work after a few sts have been bound off.

3nbo kp step 3

Can We Simplify? of course!!

Interlaced 3-Needle Bind Off: Knit Purl version

It can be a little awkward to do the purl sts this way so here’s a little simpler way.

I’m using a different coloured front and back piece and a 3rd colour for joining to make it easier to see what’s happening.

Step 1: Place all of the sts on 1 needle.

  • Use a smaller (I went down about 4 needle sizes) DPN or circular for this. This needle will not impact gauge (since it’s the Left needle) and making this needle smaller makes it much easier to work the bind off. Using a DPN or circular will allow you to push the sts to either end to begin working the bind off.
  • Beginning with the first st on the Back needle, slip sts alternately from the Back needle and the Front needle onto the smaller needle.

3nbo kp interlaced step 1

Step 2: K2tog.

3nbo kp interlaced step 2

Step 3: P2tog; bind off 1.

3nbo kp interlaced step 3

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 binding off 1 st on Right needle after each step.

And here is the finished BO.

3nbo kp interlaced step 4 finished

And from the Wrong side.

3nbo kp interlaced step 4 finished WS

Benefits: This bind off lays flatter than the knit only version and doesn’t curl to one side.

And that’s it! Hope you find it useful :)

3NBO Revisted


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A 3-Needle Bind Off (link goes to a technique page on this blog) can be a fabulous way of joining knit pieces together — have it visible or invisible.

Today starts a tiny series of post to show the flexibility of this wonderful bind off.

First Up: 3-Needle Bind Off with Right (Public) sides together.

3NBO RS tog step 1 20150531_2

Right sides together, knitting 1 st from Front needle and 1 st from Back needle together; use standard bind off for stitches on Right needle.

3NBO RS tog finished 20150531_4

Bind off finished.

3NBO RS tog open view 20150531_6

Close up view of bind off ridge.

3NBO RS tog RS view 20150531_8

This is what the Right (Public) side of the work looks like.

Second: 3-Needle Bind Off with Wrong (Non-Public) sides together.

3NBO WS tog beg 20150531_11

Wrong sides together, knitting 1 st from Front needle and 1 st from Back needle together; use standard bind off for stitches on Right needle.

3NBO WS tog finished 20150531_12

Bind off is finished.

3NBO WS tog flat 20150531_13

Right side of the work looks like this.

3NBO WS tog WS 20150531_15

Seen from the Wrong side of the work.

Third: 3-Needle Bind Off using a Second Colour

In the above two examples, the same yarn was used for the 3-Needle Bind Off (3NBO) as was used for the main body of the work. The 3NBO can be worked in a contrasting colour for a lovely accent. Below, the bind off was worked in white.

3NBO WS tog 2 colours 20150531_20

More later!

June 13, 2015: Part 2 – the Knit-Purl version

Woodland Grace Moebius re-pub


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Woodland Grace Moebius v1.2 cover pageThanks to the wonderful folks at Knit Picks, this moebius scarf has some wonderful new pics — same pattern just a brand new look! The pattern will be available through Knit Picks’ IDP program shortly and the new version is available through Ravelry, Patternfish and LoveKnitting!

LoveKnitting Celebrates Indie Designer Month


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LoveKnitting has a special place in the hearts of many Ravelry designers — they stepped in to help us out when the EU VAT became such a huge issue at the beginning of this year. They went above and beyond to ensure that there was a way for us to easily comply with the new tax laws.

And now, they are celebrating Indie Designer Monthgiving purchasers of independent designers’ patterns 10% off their yarn purchases as well! Just click the image below to see all the details.

LoveKnitting Independent Designers

Square vs Round


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Back on Apr. 28th I was all excited to try my first set of Knitter’s Pride Cubics needles (which him and I ordered from the lovely people at The Little Red Mitten – superb service!). So I have knit my little swatches (pics and comparison table below) and here is what happened:

  1. Cubics swatches are the upper left; swatch knit on round metal needles in the lower right;
  2. My gauge for the Cubics is a bit more uneven (not unexpected since this is the first time using these needles)
  3. Overall there’s not a huge difference in blocked gauge (see table below) but the working gauge (unblocked) differed by 1 stitch /4 inches. This I found interesting.
  4. Due to personal habit – I knit Continental and tend to ‘tick’ the bottom edge of the left needle as I go to work the next stitch – I found that the Cubics needle turned so that one of the corners was always sitting against my left hand, which I found uncomfortable. However, my sample knitter who tends to ‘scoop’ a stitch that its base, didn’t have this issue.
  5. The needles are beautifully made, the wood is lovely and smooth and warm to the touch, I love the cables (super flexible so fantastic for Magic Loop) and the connectors were all smooth with no burrs on the screw threads.

Final Thought:  I think I would like to try some larger sizes in these needles to see if they would sit more squarely in my hand.

4.5mm / US 7

4.5mm / US 7

4mm / US6

4mm / US6

Round Metal:  4 mm / US6

Yarn: Knit Picks Capra DK


Pre-Washing: 22 sts x 29 rows

Blocked (laid flat):  21 sts x 30 rows

Round Metal:  4.5 mm / US7

 Yarn: Knit Picks Capra DK


Pre-Washing: 21 sts x 27 rows

Blocked (laid flat): 20 sts x 28 rows

 Knitter’s Pride Cubics: 4 mm / US6

 Yarn: Knit Picks Capra DK


Pre-Washing:  23 sts x 31 R

Blocked (laid flat): 21.5 sts x 30 R

Knitter’s Pride Cubics: 4.5 mm / US7

 Yarn: Knit Picks Capra DK


Pre-Washing: 22 sts x 28 R

Blocked (laid flat):  20 sts x 29 R


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