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p/hop is 7!

p/hop is celebrating their 7th anniversary!

p/hop (pennies per hour of pleasure) raises money for Doctors Without Borders while sharing a love of knitting and crochet – download free patterns and donate based on the amount of pleasure the pattern gave you; what’s not to love!?!. And they are having give-aways all week to celebrate their milestone. 

Here’s a link to today’s giveaway.

25000 tuques

Mooncoin Hat
Mooncoin Hat

Knitters are the best!

Check out the 25000 Tuques Project.

The Facebook page.

Newest Pattern: Kilgary Hat

Kilgary Hat
Kilgary Hat

Our newest pattern is this lovely cabled hat: Kilgary.

You’ll remember that the matching mittens were published earlier this month.



Interesting reading in Patternfish’s November newsletter:

  • an interview with the Creative Director of Classic Elite Yarns, Susan Mills
  • a wonderful story about the Toronto movie making scene and yarn
  • a look into how a yarn company chooses their lines
  • and lots of knitting suggestions, of course!

Time Saver

Automatic Needle / Hook Conversion in MS Word 2010

MS Word has a wonder feature called AutoCorrect that makes inserting both Imperial and Metric needle or hook sizes into your patterns easy. I’m using MSWord 2010 for this example.

Click File > Options > Proofing. Click the AutoCorrect Options... button.

Word AutoCorrect1

I’m going to add the Metric size and have Word add both the Metric and Imperial to my pattern document.

In the Replace: box type the Metric size (our example is 2mm)

In the With: box: type both the Metric and Imperial size, exactly how you wish them to appear in your pattern; I like to use a / to separate the two:

Word AutoCorrect2

Click the Add button just below the list.

Repeat these steps for all your needle sizes. Click OK twice to close the dialog boxes and return to your Word document.

Now, when you type 2mm and press the space bar, Word will automatically enter the Imperial equivalent:

Word AutoCorrect3

You no longer have to keep hunting for your needle gauge!

This works really well for yarns as well. I’ve created AutoCorrect entries for yarns I use often, like this one for Patons Classic Wool. I used the abbreviation pcw:

Word AutoCorrect5

Now I only need to type pcw and press the space bar and Word will automatically fill in all the information for me.

Word AutoCorrect4

It’s a real time saver once the initial input is done.

New website live!

We’re so excited!

new website screen cap

Here’s a sneak peek of the new look. Our full pattern catalog with the ability to buy right from the site (via Ravelry, of course, so you get all the security and benefits of Ravelry including storing the pattern in your Rav library!).


And we’re doubly excited that our new website is hosted by GreenGeeks – thrilled with their commitment to renewable energy ~ they are “300% Powered by Renewable Energy”.

Come on over and have a look around!

When someone asks you to work for free…

Excellent video!

What’s in a Heel?

There are many different types of sock heels…my favourite construction these days is a toe-up heel flap construction. It creates a small tongue under the heel and the heel cap is created using increases and short rows — no need to pick up stitches! The pics below are from the Go Lassie Go Socks. The heel flap itself is worked in a Reverse Slip Stitch pattern.

Shelridge sample crop

Go Lassie Go
Go Lassie Go

Closed Ring or Closed Loop Cables

Beginning a Closed Ring or Closed Loop cable – like the heart in this blanket – can be a challenge.

Cridhe blanket for web 10wide 150dpi-c

There’s a photo tutorial on my website that gives instructions on 1 way to begin. This version has a central purl stitch above the cable and a 2-stitch knit cable strand branching off to either side.

(c) 2015 Impeccable Knits

tsonts kal

cat with knitting needles

We’re gearing up for our 3rd Annual To Stress or Not To Stress KAL over in our Impeccable Knits Ravelry group. Come and join the fun!!

Make your knitting wishlist now and the KAL will start in full swing on November 2nd, 2015.

Lots of fun and prizes to be had!

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