Fonts and Abbreviations

Knitting Fonts

Aire River Knitting Font
Knitter’s Symbols Fonts
  • by David Xenakis; from the site: “use these fonts how and where you wish, but if you do use them for professional purposes, please include the words Knitter’ Symbols fonts used courtesy Knitter’s Magazine—Copyright © 1998 XRX, Inc. Otherwise, there are no restrictions on using them”
Kauri’s Knitting Font
  • for personal use only; 2 font styles are available – 1) each character is surrounded with a border so no spreadsheet/table structure is necessary and 2) no borders around the characters so they can be used inside tables/spreadsheet structures
Stitch Mastery Knitting Fonts
  • a fantastic stitch collection for purchase; includes dot and dash cables, Estonian, Brioche, Twined symbols – 500 in all; for Windows, Mac and Linux; I have the Knitting Chart Editor from Stitch Mastery and can’t say enough good things about the charting progam, not to mention unparalleled customer service!
Woolly Knitting Font
  • a new font created and commissioned by Woolly Wormhead for her Twisted Woolly Toppers book; from her website: “Please feel free to use this for your charting purposes – whether it be for private or commercial use. Credit is appreciated but not necessary.”


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