Moebius Cast On

Moebius knitting in the round requires a long circular needle since the needle has to form two complete loops.

A 48” / 122cm circular needle is used for this demo; knitter is right-handed and yarn is held continental style.

aStep 1 - slipknot Step 1:  Tie a slip knot and place it on the needle;
aStep 2 new- slide slip knot to middle of cable-c Step 2:  Slide the slip knot to the middle of the cable;
aStep 3 - bring slip knot to RN Step 3a:  Bring the slip knot and cable up to the Right needle tip and hold in place with thumb and index finger; working yarn is to the left and behind, held in the left hand; Left needle tip is not used for these steps;

Step 3b: Take the Right needle tip to the Front and under the cable in preparation for picking up the yarn in Step 4;

aStep 4 - begin cast on going under cable Step 4:  Bring the needle tip over top of the working yarn and then under it to scoop up the working yarn…
aStep 5 - completion of step 4 Step 5… and bring the working yarn and needle under the cable to the Front and position it above the cable; one stitch has been cast on;
aStep 6 - second cast on stitch over cable Step 6:  Holding the first cast-on stitch in place with the right index finger, working above the cable, take the tip of the needle and scoop a new stitch by taking the needle over and then under the working yarn; there are now 1 slip knot and 2 sts cast on – only the stitches on the needle / top cable are counted in cast-on numbers;
aStep 7 - several stitches cast on Step 7:  Repeat Step 3b to Step 6 until the desired number of stitches has been cast on (only count the stitches cast onto the needle / top cable);
aStep 8 - ready to knit Step 8:  Spread the stitches out along the cable needle; the slip knot will be the first stitch on the Left needle tip; carefully hold on to the last cast-on stitch so it does not fall off the needle;
aStep 10 check cables run parallel Step 9:  Important Check: beginning at the Left needle tip, follow the cables along and make sure they run parallel (like railroad tracks) all the way around until the Right Needle tip where…
Step 8 - check only 1 cross over of cable Step 10…the cable will cross once only – either on top of the Right needle tip or below (doesn’t matter which).

Place a beginning of round marker.

If you are following a pattern, stop here and continue with the pattern directions.


If you are creating your own pattern continue:

Knit one full round (until the marker is reached again). As seen in Step 8, cast on stitches alternate in orientation i.e. the stitch after the slip knot has the leading leg behind the needle, the next stitch has it in front; always knit into the leading leg of the stitch.  As you knit, slide the cast-on stitches onto the Left needle tip being careful not to allow the cast-on stitches to overlap each other. Once this first knit round is finished, begin chosen pattern.

For best results, choose a pattern that looks great on both Right (Public) and Wrong (non-Public) sides since both sides will show.

This picture tutorial is based on the demonstration by Cat Bordhi’s “Intro to Moebius Knitting” shown in this YouTube video.

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