Moebius Cast On

Moebius knitting requires a long circular needle since the needle has to be able to form two complete loops.

A 48” / 122cm circular needle was used for this demo; knitter is right-handed and yarn is held continental style.

aStep 1 - slipknot Step 1:  Tie a slip knot and place it on the needle
aStep 2 new- slide slip knot to middle of cable-c Step 2:  Slide the slip knot to the middle of the cable
aStep 3 - bring slip knot to RN Step 3:  Bring the slip knot and cable up to the Right needle tip and hold in place with thumb and index finger; working yarn is to the left and behind, held in the left hand; Left needle tip is not used for these stepsStep 3bTake the Right needle tip to the Front and under the cable in preparation for picking up the yarn in Step 4 
aStep 4 - begin cast on going under cable Step 4:  Take the needle tip over top of the yarn and then under it…
aStep 5 - completion of step 4 Step 5… and bring the yarn and needle under the cable to the Front and position it above the cable
aStep 6 - second cast on stitch over cable Step 6:  Holding the first cast-on stitch in place with the right index finger, working above the cable, take the tip of the needle and scoop a new stitch by taking the needle over and then under the yarn; there are now 1 slip knot and 2 sts cast on – only the stitches on the top needle/cable are counted in cast-on numbers
aStep 7 - several stitches cast on Step7:  Repeat Step 3b to Step 6 until the desired number of stitches is cast on (only count the stitches cast onto the needle)
aStep 8 - ready to knit Step 8:  Spread the stitches out along the needle; the slip knot will be the first stitch on the Left needle tip; carefully hold on to the last cast-on stitch so it does not fall off the needle
aStep 10 check cables run parallel Step 9:  Check: beginning at the Left needle tip, follow the cables along and make sure they run parallel all the way along until the Right Needle tip where…
Step 8 - check only 1 cross over of cable Step 10…the cable will cross once – either on top of the Right needle tip or below (doesn’t matter which)Place an EoR marker; knit one full round (until EoR marker is reached again); as seen in Step 8, cast-on stitches alternate in orientation i.e. the stitch after the slip knot has the leading leg behind the needle, the next stitch has it in front; always knit into the leading leg of the stitch.  As you knit, slide the cast-on stitches onto the Left needle tip being careful not to allow the cast-on stitches to overlap each other.Once the first row is finished, begin chosen pattern; for best results, choose a pattern that looks great on both Right (Public) and Wrong (non-Public) sides since both sides will show.

This picture tutorial is based on the demonstration by Cat Bordhi’s “Intro to Moebius Knitting” shown in this YouTube video.

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