Standard Sizing Resources for Children

In my design travels, I’ve come across quite a few interesting websites that give wonderful information for designers for sizing garments for wee ones. I thought I’d share 🙂  I hope you may find them useful in your own design adventures.

Standard Sizing Chart Resources


  1. Preemie 1 – 6 lbs (Bev’s Country Cottage): hats, feet, blankets and baby sizes
  2. Knotions online magazine

Babies and Children

  1. Baby — 18 months (Knotions)
  2. Baby 3 – 24 months (Yarn Standards)
  3. Children 2 – 10 yrs (Yarn Standards)
  4. Children 2 – 13 (Modern Pattern Design 1942): detailed body measurements
  5. Girls’ Skirt Length Measurements (ready-made clothing source rather than standards – The Children’s Place)
  6. Newborn to 10 yrs (JustJussi): very comprehensive including waist to ankle, waist to knee and upper arm measurements
  7. National Institute of Standards and Technology (from the 1940′s) US Apparel Sizing Standards
    Young Children (1 – 6X)
    Girls (7 – 16 in 3 body types)
    Boys (2 – 24 in 3 body types)

Head and Foot

  1. Preemie to Adult Head and Hat Sizes  (Bev’s Country Cottage)
  2. Preemie to Adult Head Sizes (Woolly Wormhead)
  3. Hat Sizing Newborn to Adult Large (Tot Toppers)
  4. Preemie to Adult Foot Sizes  (Bev’s Country Cottage)

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