Updated March 21, 2014

Cable Pattern Stitches

(with instructions)

4-stitch Cable ~ video on YouTube; example shows a Left (Front) Cable but finished product shows a Right (Back) Cable
6-Stitch Cable Plait (KnitWiki – scroll down to Version Two) ~ also at LionBrand
8 to 40-Stitch Patterns ~ charts and written directions given as examples of what you can do with the AranPaint program (see Cable Chart Generators section below)
9-Stitch Plaited Cable ~written and charted using KnitVisualizer (see Software section) from KnitWiki
Various Cable Stitch Patterns ~ from Knitting on the Net; scroll down the page to the Twisted Stitches, Bobbles and Cables table; the 6/6 cable (they use this designation to mean 6 sts involved in the cable i.e. 3 sts over 3 sts, and the crossing happens every 6 rows) also done in variegated yarn showing why it’s not a good idea
Baby Cable Ribbing ~ from Have A Yarn, LYS in Mahone Bay, NS
Double (Horseshoe)  ~ at About.com
Celtic Panel (Simple)
~ The Girl from Auntie – Jenna  – provides 2 optional cable panels for her Rogue sweater
Celtic Panel (Composite) ~ The Girl from Auntie – Jenna – provides 2 optional cable panels for her Rogue sweater
Criss Cross Cable With Twists ~ a 4-rope intertwining cable from Knitting on the Net
Durrow Cable ~ free cable patterns with charts and written instructions from The Girl from Auntie
Homes of Donegal Cable ~written instructions only from knitting-and.com
Honeycomb (Chain) Cable ~written instructions only from About.com
Knitting on the Net ~ 10 Cable pattern stitches and 2 cable edgings; scroll down the page to the Twisted Stitches, Bobbles and Cables table
OXO Cable ~ written instructions only from About.com

Trees using cables ~ a Knitty.com article
Triquetra ~ charted only for this three-lobed closed knot from The Knitting Scotsman
Saxon Braid ~ charted only as part of a tutorial on how to chart cables by Eunny Jang
Seven Intricate Cable panels (Ivanova and Carter Knit) ~Intertwined Heart and Happiness Sign, Linked Rings with a Twist, Hearts on a Mat Connected by Braids, etc.;  provided under Creative Commons license (no commercial use without permission); charts and written; charts use format a la Elsebeth Lavold
Vogue Knitting ~ 22 cable stitch patterns with pictures and directions
LionBrand Stitch Finder ~ type “cable” in the Search box to see a list of 25 cable stitches with pictures and instructions

Filler Stitches for Cable Designs

Trinity Stitch ~ a perennial favourite from Have a Yarn LYS