EU VAT changes impacting pattern sales


The times they are a-changin’

Beginning January 1, 2015 the European Union (EU) VAT (value added tax) rules are changing to require sellers of electronic goods – which includes knitting pattern PDFs – to collect VAT based on the purchaser’s country and to submit those taxes as appropriate to the 28 member states of the EU.

Each of those 28 countries has their own set of rules as to the % VAT that is charged on particular items. Each purchase needs 2 non-conflicting pieces of evidence as proof of the purchaser’s location and that supporting data needs to be stored for 10 years. For micro-businesses this is a nightmare of administration.

There’s a good summary in this Knitty article, and huge chatter on Twitter and other forums. Applying rules that are meant to stop huge companies like Amazon and iTunes from sheltering in EU tax havens to micro- and nano-businesses makes no economic sense.

Ravelry has been spectacular at helping designer out by providing some options – a lot of work for them on such short notice! My admiration for these folks never ceases!! I am opting, as of January 1, 2015, to route all EU sales through who will take care of the VAT collection and submissions. EU purchasers will still be able to store these patterns in their Ravelry library so I think it’s the best solution for me and my buyers. The sad part is that EU purchasers will have to pay more for their knitting patterns as of January 1, 2015 because the VAT rate for their country will be added to the pattern price on For this I am sorry but I really see no other solution.

As of this writing, Craftsy appears not to be offering any solutions for pattern sellers; therefore, effective January 1, 2015 Impeccable Knits patterns will no longer be available on Craftsy. This saddens me but I really see no other options.

Wee Tiny Elf Sock on the needles…


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I don’t often get to knit other designers’ patterns so these were a real treat!
Wee Tiny Elf Sock 1 20141204_1Wee Tiny Elf Sock 2 20141206_1

I’ve been knitting these adorable little socks designed by Meg Bakewell. A few yarn scraps of sock yarn and the possibilities are endless.

For the first one I opted to knit the toe in the contrasting colour as well and on the second one I knit the cuff in the contrasting colour.

I’ve added a hanger so they can join the other ornaments in the Christmas tree.

A Celtic Quilt


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ACQ1 Cover 5-100c 20141105_39

Introducing the latest Impeccable Knits pattern: A Celtic Quilt 1- now available on

So many combination are possible for putting this quilt together — plus there’s a bonus block that can be used for a coordinating pillow.


Cable Splay Demystefied


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What is Cable Splay?

Cable stitches pull the knitted fabric together. They type of cable stitch used will determine how drastic this effect is.

When cables are worked above Stockinette or Garter stitch (other patterned stitches as well but we’ll use Garter stitch as an example here to keep things simple), the cabled portion of the fabric ends up narrower than the Garter stitch section, causing the Garter stitch section to pucker.

Here’s an example worked from this chart:

Cable Splay - no allowance chart







38 sts are cast on, 4 rows are knit (Garter stitch) and then the cable pattern is worked over the centre portion (the cable pattern shown between the red lines in the chart above is worked twice for this sample).

Cable Splay 2-100c





As you can see in the picture above, the cable stitches pull the fabric together causing the Garter stitch rows at the bottom of the piece buckle – this effect – the need for the ‘plain’ portion of the fabric needing to spread out in order to lie flat again – is called Cable Splay. This effect happens both below and above a cabled section unless measures are taken to avoid this.

How to avoid Cable Splay

The Garter stitch portion of the swatch above has too many stitches to lie flat so, in order to have the Garter section not buckle once we knit the cables, we need to either 1) cast on fewer stitches to let the Garter stitch section lie flat and keep our cabled portion as it is or 2) add additional sts to the cabled portion. How many stitches depends on the type of cable that will follow.

For the cable in the sample, I have chosen Option 1. I have removed 2 sts at the base of every 2/2 cable in the chart, so a total of 8 sts (since there are 2 cables in the chart and the sts within the red lines are worked twice giving me four 2/2 cables).

So, here is the new chart:

Cable Splay - allowance chart







Only 30 sts are cast on (the grey squares in the chart are ‘no stitch’ placeholders).

On Row 4, stitches are increased under each of the 2/2 cables (in this case a lifted kfb – knit front, back – is used).

And here is the result:

Cable splay corrected 2-100c





The fabric lies perfectly flat!

What’s the magic number?

As mentioned above, how many stitches are added to avoid cable splay depends on the type of cable that will follow. Some complicated cables create massive pull across the fabric and will need more stitches added while other cables create hardly any pull at all. And then there’s the type of yarn you are using which will affect the outcome as well.

So does it all come down to trial and error and swatching? Yes indeed! But the good news is that you do get better at estimating what’s required the more you work with cabled designs.

Great Little Gift Knitting


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Justebook cover with labels-c 20141029_1 in time for your holiday knitting – this pattern collection includes 3 Spa Cloths; the samples were knit in organic cotton from Knit Picks — quick to knit and they make great little stocking stuffers or shower gifts.

PDF Knitting pattern available through Organic Spa Cloths Set 3.

Boot Toppers, oh yeah!


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Top it all eBook coverThis has turned out to be a week for pattern releases!

Today: 4 boot topper patterns – lots of cables.

The patterns are available individually as well as in an eBook of all 4 patterns.

Lots of quick-knit holiday gifts!


2 New Cable Patterns


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Mooncoin Hat

Mooncoin Hat

Two new knitting patterns with lots of cable-y goodness — just in time for those quick knits we all love for the HKS (Holiday Knitting Season).

Meet the Mooncoin Hat


the Mooncoin Fingerless Mitts.


Rav project link.

Mooncoin Fingerless Mitts

Mooncoin Fingerless Mitts

Twist Collective Fall 2014 newsletter surprise…


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Photo (c) Linus Ouellet

Photo (c) Linus Ouellet

How fantastic is this? Some of the Tignish KAL participants made it into the Fall 2014 Twist Collective newsletter with their beautiful finished shawls! Congrats everyone!!



Rav project link.


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