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Jenna H.

A new Jenna H. design…

Jenna H. of Fibre Spark Knits & Wovens has just published a  beautiful new cable-band hat knitting pattern — the band is lined for extra warmth — love it! Her sample is knit in Knit Picks Andean Silk – an alpaca, silk, merino blend — Ravelry knitting pattern page


You can see the dragonflies…

in the iridescence of the beautiful yarn used in Odonata, the newest of Jenna H.’s designs … read all about this beaded scarf here.

While you’re there, check out Jenna’s new website FibreSpark Knits & Wovens.

Another Jenna H. Design – Knitscene Fall 2010

a Jenna H. design

You know I’m a fan 🙂

So, congrats Jenna on your newest publication!

Knitters, if you happen to have 1 skein of Manos del Uruguay lying about not destined for greatness yet, you could get a head start on your holiday knitting (I know, can’t believe I’m thinking about that either in July!).  If you’d like to see these in a luscious tangerine, see the Knitscene photo on Jenna’s blog Knits & Wovens and on Ravelry.

Handkerchief Tee by Jenna H.

Jenna’s just posted some pics of her gorgeous lace Hankerchief  Tee that was published in the Spring2010 Interweave Knits, so I thought I’d share. Check out her blog and the Interweave Knits links for more pics that show the great versatility of this little top.

Reversible Sock from Knits ‘n’ Wovens

Jenna over at Knits ‘n’ Wovens has a new sock pattern: the Inverse Sock. Very cool — wear it right-side out, or, if you don’t like purl bumps against your foot, the design can be worn inside out! Here are my 1 1/2 versions in Fleece Artist Somoko.

Knits ‘n’ Wovens shares

Just saw the cutest Dance Sockettes — and Jenna H. of Knits ‘n’ Wovens is offering them as a free pattern.

Jenna H. Designer News

Duineil cabled cardigan for men
Duineil Cabled Cardigan by Jenna H.

Well, LOTS of things have been happening!

Jenna H’s Duineil (Ravelry link — if you’re not a member, sign up — it’s free and gives you access to much fibery goodness!) has been published in the Fall 2009 Issue of Janet Szabo’s Twists and Turns Newletter.   Congratulations, Jenna!

Lasa Cadais Short Sleeved Top, stockinette V-neck top, empire waist, lace bottom
Lasa Cadais Short-Sleeved Top by Jenna H.

Jenna has also just published the Lása series — a set of 3 patterns which includes:

Lása Cadáis (Ravelry link –) is the short-sleeved version

and the Lása Olann Pullover and Lása Olann Cardigan (Ravelry links) — you can also see pics and the story on Jenna’s Knits ‘n’ Wovens blog.

These beautiful patterns can be purchased individually or as a set through the Ravelry links above or from Jenna’s blog.

Lasa Olann Pullover by Jenna H.

(photos published here with permission of the designer)

Lasa Olann Cardigan by Jenna H, empire waisted with stockinette top and lace bottom
Lasa Olann Cardigan by Jenna H.

A Coming Together

November 2012 News: All of our labels are coming together under one umbrella and an exciting new label: Impeccable Knits

Some of you may know that I publish patterns under a few different labels: currently South Mountain ~ Naturally, PurpleSage Designs and Cranberry Ocean Knits.  It all started with one little pattern — a celtic knot I had envisioned for the Celtic Jenna Rose pattern — I wanted to chart a closed-ring cable and with the patient assistance of  Jenna H of Knits ‘n’ Wovens, it came to be.

I love yarn. I adore hand spun, hand-dyed yarn from indie dyers and designers; the talent that abounds in that community awes me! I could spend days in a yarn shop like Gaspereau Valley Fibres and have to be dragged out!  However, I am a practical person who fully knows that yarns that utilize economy of scale are a very important part of the knitting world, too.

The three pattern lines just slowly emerged — all on their own, honest!!  Because each line focuses on its own special types of yarns:

~~ South Mountain ~ Naturally patterns are written for 100% natural yarns;

~~ PurpleSage Designs patterns are natural yarns /blends and

~~ Cranberry Ocean Knits patterns focus is on easy-care, easy-on-the-pocketbook acrylic and acrylic blends

My intention was to keep them separate. However, as the pattern lines expand, the thought of keeping 3 websites up-to-date seems a little daunting and will take way too much time away from my knitting 😉

So, over the next few weeks/months you’ll see some changes to the PurpleSage Designs website as it becomes the portal to all three pattern lines.

Jenna Hurry Published in Yarn Forward Magazine

Jenn Leaf Lace CardiganEdit May 10/09:

Here’s a picture of the sample that was sent to YF to be photographed for the publication. For the whole story and more pics see Jenna’s blog post for today. Thanks, Jenna, for allowing me to post this pic — and thank you to your photographer, too.

Edit May 5/09:

the preview pages are up on the Yarn Forward magazine site so you can see the pattern picture here — it’s the 4th one down. The modeled cardi was knit using recycled yarn which Jenna over-dyed. For those of you on Ravelry, here’s the pattern page link.

How exciting is this!

Original Post:

Jenna’s Leaf Lace cardi (#22 in the 3rd thumbnail) can be seen on the preview pages for Issue 13 of Yarn Forward magazine. It’s a beautiful cropped, short-sleeved cardigan with an asymmetrical closing — perfect for when you need just a little touch of warmth!

Congratulations, Jenna!

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