Time Saver

Automatic Needle / Hook Conversion in MS Word 2010

MS Word has a wonder feature called AutoCorrect that makes inserting both Imperial and Metric needle or hook sizes into your patterns easy. I’m using MSWord 2010 for this example.

Click File > Options > Proofing. Click the AutoCorrect Options... button.

Word AutoCorrect1

I’m going to add the Metric size and have Word add both the Metric and Imperial to my pattern document.

In the Replace: box type the Metric size (our example is 2mm)

In the With: box: type both the Metric and Imperial size, exactly how you wish them to appear in your pattern; I like to use a / to separate the two:

Word AutoCorrect2

Click the Add button just below the list.

Repeat these steps for all your needle sizes. Click OK twice to close the dialog boxes and return to your Word document.

Now, when you type 2mm and press the space bar, Word will automatically enter the Imperial equivalent:

Word AutoCorrect3

You no longer have to keep hunting for your needle gauge!

This works really well for yarns as well. I’ve created AutoCorrect entries for yarns I use often, like this one for Patons Classic Wool. I used the abbreviation pcw:

Word AutoCorrect5

Now I only need to type pcw and press the space bar and Word will automatically fill in all the information for me.

Word AutoCorrect4

It’s a real time saver once the initial input is done.

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