Square vs Round

Back on Apr. 28th I was all excited to try my first set of Knitter’s Pride Cubics needles (which him and I ordered from the lovely people at The Little Red Mitten – superb service!). So I have knit my little swatches (pics and comparison table below) and here is what happened:

  1. Cubics swatches are the upper left; swatch knit on round metal needles in the lower right;
  2. My gauge for the Cubics is a bit more uneven (not unexpected since this is the first time using these needles)
  3. Overall there’s not a huge difference in blocked gauge (see table below) but the working gauge (unblocked) differed by 1 stitch /4 inches. This I found interesting.
  4. Due to personal habit – I knit Continental and tend to ‘tick’ the bottom edge of the left needle as I go to work the next stitch – I found that the Cubics needle turned so that one of the corners was always sitting against my left hand, which I found uncomfortable. However, my sample knitter who tends to ‘scoop’ a stitch that its base, didn’t have this issue.
  5. The needles are beautifully made, the wood is lovely and smooth and warm to the touch, I love the cables (super flexible so fantastic for Magic Loop) and the connectors were all smooth with no burrs on the screw threads.

Final Thought:  I think I would like to try some larger sizes in these needles to see if they would sit more squarely in my hand.

4.5mm / US 7
4.5mm / US 7
4mm / US6
4mm / US6

Round Metal:  4 mm / US6

Yarn: Knit Picks Capra DK


Pre-Washing: 22 sts x 29 rows

Blocked (laid flat):  21 sts x 30 rows

Round Metal:  4.5 mm / US7

 Yarn: Knit Picks Capra DK


Pre-Washing: 21 sts x 27 rows

Blocked (laid flat): 20 sts x 28 rows

 Knitter’s Pride Cubics: 4 mm / US6

 Yarn: Knit Picks Capra DK


Pre-Washing:  23 sts x 31 R

Blocked (laid flat): 21.5 sts x 30 R

Knitter’s Pride Cubics: 4.5 mm / US7

 Yarn: Knit Picks Capra DK


Pre-Washing: 22 sts x 28 R

Blocked (laid flat):  20 sts x 29 R



  1. I am returning to knitting and buying a few needles as I go. I would appreciate your input on these needles now. Do you still use them? Thanks! Great blog!

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog 🙂 Currently I’m not using my Cubics — I just did not find them as comfortable as round-barreled ones. I know others who love theirs so I think it’s really a personal thing and really depends on your personal knitting style. Wishing you many happy knitting hours! ~ Luise

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