Pretty Row Counters

Don’t you just love getting little surprises in the mail? I ordered these little cuties from Michelle’s Assortment and just look at the love and care put into even the packaging – each item was bubble wrapped and then enclosed in its own little tissue envelope.  I ordered some of Michelle’s shawl pins in the past and as always my items arrived in less than a week.
20140624_1 20140624_2 20140624_3 20140624_4

I can hardly wait to pop these on to my needles!

Michelle now has a Ravelry group, too.



  1. How would you use these? If you put them on your needles, wouldn’t the yarn get snagged? Is it a bracelet? Hmmmm

    • Yes, just slip it on the needle at the beginning of your work through the appropriate loop (i.e. if you’re working on the first row of a pattern slip the needle into the loop beside the 1, etc.). The finish on these is extremely smooth so I don’t foresee any snagging problems. I guess it would make a very cute charm bracelet – what a great idea!

      I used to have one of those click-y row counters as well as the little ones you can place on the end of a needle and turn to count the rows — and I would invariably forget to click or turn. I have great hopes for this one 🙂

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