Aniron has come to Ravelry!

Aniron Tunic

Aniron is now available on Ravelry!!

Impeccable Knitters voted and so Aniron was the first of the In Tune collection to be made available via Ravelry. We’re so happy to finally be able to offer this popular pattern as a Ravelry download. Check out the pattern page for details.

Along with this first of the In Tune patterns, we’ve change our pattern style a wee bit:

  • a new logo
  • larger cover photos
  • larger detail photos on the back cover
  • a ‘tear sheet’ with a small photo and all pertinent details that you can take to your LYS (or stash vault) to choose all necessary supplies

We’ve concentrated all of the ‘ink saturated’ photos on the Front and Back covers so they can easily be used for online viewing only and not printed to save ink, if so desired.

Oh, and our new logo:

ik logo from corel


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