New Yarn!! from Shelridge Farm

Shelridge Farm package Jun 10-2013 cropped

It’s here! I’ve been looking for a Canadian source of excellent wool yarns and I couldn’t be more excited! My package from Shelridge Farm (now operated by Lyn Gemmell of Cabin Fever) came today and I am smitten!!

I ordered three sample yarns:

  1. (top) Soft Touch Heather (85% Wool, 15% Nylon) 3-Ply Fingering in Opal
  2. (middle) Soft Touch Lace (100% Wool) 2-Ply Laceweight in Iris
  3. (bottom) Soft Touch Ultra (100% Wool) 3-Ply Fingering in Peacock

‘Soft Touch’ says it all – this yarn feels like butter! Definitely next-to-the-skin soft. I’m so excited!

And, as you can see from the shade/colour cards, the yarns come in loads of delicious colours!


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