EarthSea Cowl
EarthSea Cowl

The EarthSea Cowl was first published in 2008.

It’s a lovely lace and cable design that begins with a Twisted Latvian cast on and ends in a rolled hem creating two entirely different looks. It is worked in two colors, one color for each end with the two colors being interlaced in the center.

All of our migrated patterns have charts created using Stitch Mastery as well as our new template design. Every pattern page now also shows the pattern cover page and the pattern details page, like this:


Earth Sea Cowl v1.1 cover pg Earth Sea Cowl v1.1 details pg

This way knitters can see all of the requirements including all of the stitch abbreviations and special pattern notes.

See the EarthSea Cowl pattern page here on Ravelry.