Sharing the process from Chart to finished directions using knitXpress

Step 1: Create chart in KnitVisualizer

I thought I’d share a little example of the process I go through from creating a chart for a knitting design to getting the written direction in publishable format. Just to show you how easy it is 🙂

(knitXpress will work with directions generated by other charting software as well as directions typed by the user without using charting software.)

I use Knit Visualizer to create my charts and to generate the written directions; then I run those raw written directions through knitXpress to identify all of the repeats and format those directions into publish-ready format.

This lace edging is a variation of a stitch pattern published in Mary Walker Phillips’ book Knitting Counterpanes.

Step 1
Create the chart in Knit Visualizer (KV). This step takes by far the longest time.

Step 2

Step 2: Written Instructions generated by KnitVisualizer

Copy the written directions for the chart from KV (File, Print…, under Options check Pattern, using mouse or keyboard select the written directions, copy the text to the clipboard).

Step 3
Start knitXpress.  Paste the text directions into the Input (top) Pane. Instantly the formatted, compacted directions appear in the Output (bottom) Pane.

Step 4
The formatted, compacted directions can now be copied into the pattern document or saved as a file.

Step 3 & 4: knitXpress Input & Output

That’s it!

For this example I’ve chosen to have the first term in each line capitalized and a period placed at the end of every row. There are lots of other options available; the above just goes through what I do most often.

Full disclosures:

I am not connected with Knit Visualizer in any manner, just a user of the software.

knitXpress is a software program produced and sold by us; I think is pretty neat, in fact I love it  but I may be slightly biased 🙂


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