Celtic Shaw Series #3: On the Moor Shawl

sketches for On the Moor Shawl

Just thought I’d share a little of the design process for my next shawl — this the 3rd in a series of Celtic Shawls (the first is Margaree Harbour and the second Lady of the Canyon).

This new one, On the Moor, is a Faroese-style shawl. Faroese-style shawls include a unique shoulder shaping that stops the shawl from slipping.

Here are a couple of sketches that started the process. The dark lines going out from the neck (bottom drawing) are the lines for the shoulder shaping.

I tried a number of different cable patterns for the wings of the shawl but finally decided on the lattice pattern (derived from one of the pattern stitches in Annie Maloney’s The Cable Knitting Handbook), since I didn’t want the side patterns to take away from that centre-back cable panel — it’s really the star here.  The centre-back cable is an original.

You can see some of the ‘in-progress’ project pics on my Ravelry project page.

The pattern is due out around the first of June 2011.


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