Lady of the Canyon Shawl has arrived!

Lady of the Canyon Shawl

“Trina takes her paints and threads and weaves a pattern all her own,” Joni Mitchell sings in her ‘Ladies of the Canyon

Another example of music influencing design….it’s the inspiration for this shawl…  the combination of the very unique Aran Lace stitch patterns1 and wonderful merino / silk blend  yarn2.

This is the second pattern in the Celtic Shawl Series – Lady of the Canyon. The link leads to the Ravelry pattern page.

(The first pattern in the Series is my Margaree Harbour Shawl)

::wink:: little plug here for our new software program: the written directions for this shawl were generated using knitXpress  – 132 lines of written directions took less than 10 seconds to be formatted to all caps at the beginning, periods at the end of each line, identifying all of the repeats within each line and all of the row repeats, etc.; needless to say I love it!   🙂

1 from talented stitch designer Annie Maloney’s book Aran Lace

2 Knit Picks Gloss Fingering yarn


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