Here’s a little peek at knitXpress.

This screen capture shows the program interface.

The raw data i.e. unformatted instructions, are copied or opened in the Top Pane and the program instantly compacts the instructions and formats them in the Bottom Pane. The compacted and formatted instructions can then be saved or copied into a wordprocessor or publishing program.

Formatting Options

The screen capture shows one of the two formatting choices i.e. the first term of each line is capitalized and a period is placed at the end of each row.

The program also includes a formatting option to not capitalize the first term and place no punctuation at the end of a row.

Compaction Options

The program can also compact instructions with the shown “rep from ….. to last….stitches” or, if the “Panel Only” option is selected, all repeats will be shown as bracketed text e.g. …..[k3, k2tog, p2] 4 times….

Like More Info?

There are lots more details on the knitXpress website both on the About knitXpress page and the FAQ page and there’s also a knitXpress Ravelry group.

Beta testing is going well — looks like we’re on track for our April 18, 2011 launch!!


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