Twist Collective Fall 2010 – post 1 – in awe

Let me just say my heart’s going pit-a-pat!!!!!

So, back in April I heard the exciting news that my men’s vest design (more to come in post 2) had been accepted for publication in Twist Collective (new Fall edition will be up in about a week). Well, with the publication date quickly approaching, we’re now allowed to put out some teasers!

For this first one, I’m going to squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee — because I just saw the list of designs and designers (no pics yet, of course!) on Ravelry — I am in the company of superstars like Annie Modesitt, Norah Gaughan, Kate Gilbert, Laura Chau, Fiona Ellis, Robin Melanson, Anne Kuo Lukito, Christa Giles, Connie Chang Chinchio, Sandi Rosner, Marnie MacLean and Pam Allen!!!!!!!  Can I just say….. actually, I don’t know what to say. Oh my!!!!! 🙂


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