Help for Haiti and Ravelry

Edit: Jan 31/10    — Our total stands at 81 patterns that have raised $195.53 tonight! Thank you!!!!

Edit: Jan 18/10: Wow! I only posted this late last night and already 6 patterns have been sold with a total of $14.68 being raised for the Canadian Red Cross. Thank You so much for your generosity!!!!!

The table will be updated daily to let you know how much your support is donating to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts in Haiti.

Date # of patterns

Amt Raised for
Canadian Red Cross

Mon. Jan 18 14 $37.55
Tue. Jan 19 8 $19.30
Wed. Jan 20 6 $15.35
Thu. Jan 21 1 $2.98
Fri. Jan 22 5 $12.43
Sat. Jan 23 6 $16.63
Sun. Jan 24 6 $8.93
Mon. Jan 25 4 $8.43
Tue. Jan 26 3 $5.95
Wed. Jan 27 8 $20.83
Thu. Jan 28 2 $3.95
Fri. Jan 29 8 $17.40
Sat. Jan 30 4 $9.43
Sun. Jan 31 6 $16.4


$195.53 has provided a wonderful way to help designers reach out to those in need.

Ravelry has provided the special Help for Haiti tag for patterns (you have to be a member to see the patterns on these pages — membership is free) so that Ravellers can see at a glance those patterns for which designers are offering to donate monies to relief agencies working in Haiti. Purchasers pay the regular price for the pattern and the designer donates a specified amount to a relief agency of their choice.

Selected PurpleSage, South Mountain ~ Naturally and Cranberry Ocean Knits knitting patterns are part of this program. 50% of sales until January 31, 2010 will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross to aid in their relief efforts in Haiti.


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