Jenna H. Designer News

Duineil cabled cardigan for men
Duineil Cabled Cardigan by Jenna H.

Well, LOTS of things have been happening!

Jenna H’s Duineil (Ravelry link — if you’re not a member, sign up — it’s free and gives you access to much fibery goodness!) has been published in the Fall 2009 Issue of Janet Szabo’s Twists and Turns Newletter.   Congratulations, Jenna!

Lasa Cadais Short Sleeved Top, stockinette V-neck top, empire waist, lace bottom
Lasa Cadais Short-Sleeved Top by Jenna H.

Jenna has also just published the Lása series — a set of 3 patterns which includes:

Lása Cadáis (Ravelry link –) is the short-sleeved version

and the Lása Olann Pullover and Lása Olann Cardigan (Ravelry links) — you can also see pics and the story on Jenna’s Knits ‘n’ Wovens blog.

These beautiful patterns can be purchased individually or as a set through the Ravelry links above or from Jenna’s blog.

Lasa Olann Pullover by Jenna H.

(photos published here with permission of the designer)

Lasa Olann Cardigan by Jenna H, empire waisted with stockinette top and lace bottom
Lasa Olann Cardigan by Jenna H.

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