Knitting Graph Paper: a new resource

knitting graph paper created from Knitting on the Net's graph paper generatorRaveller susiec1974 shared this great resource on today — thank you so much!  🙂

Knitting on the Net , already a wonderful resource, now has a great knitting graph paper generator — I’ve put the link on the Cable Knitting Resource page too.

I just tried it out and…..

Here’s what I found:

  • Graph paper prints true (the printout measured exactly 20 sts and 26 rows over 4″ [10cm]),
  • there are stitch and row numbers along the bottom and right edges (every row and stitch is numbered)
  • a ruler on the left edge (in cm and inches)
  • darker grid lines every 10 rows/stitches;

Things to watch for:

  • be sure to select the proper paper size on the website and when you print the pdf
  • make sure that Adobe isn’t shrinking the page to fit (this can skew the measurements)


  • a small one: in the row numbering, if you like to have the wrong side rows numbered on the left hand side, that’s not an option

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