A Coming Together

November 2012 News: All of our labels are coming together under one umbrella and an exciting new label: Impeccable Knits

Some of you may know that I publish patterns under a few different labels: currently South Mountain ~ Naturally, PurpleSage Designs and Cranberry Ocean Knits.  It all started with one little pattern — a celtic knot I had envisioned for the Celtic Jenna Rose pattern — I wanted to chart a closed-ring cable and with the patient assistance of  Jenna H of Knits ‘n’ Wovens, it came to be.

I love yarn. I adore hand spun, hand-dyed yarn from indie dyers and designers; the talent that abounds in that community awes me! I could spend days in a yarn shop like Gaspereau Valley Fibres and have to be dragged out!  However, I am a practical person who fully knows that yarns that utilize economy of scale are a very important part of the knitting world, too.

The three pattern lines just slowly emerged — all on their own, honest!!  Because each line focuses on its own special types of yarns:

~~ South Mountain ~ Naturally patterns are written for 100% natural yarns;

~~ PurpleSage Designs patterns are natural yarns /blends and

~~ Cranberry Ocean Knits patterns focus is on easy-care, easy-on-the-pocketbook acrylic and acrylic blends

My intention was to keep them separate. However, as the pattern lines expand, the thought of keeping 3 websites up-to-date seems a little daunting and will take way too much time away from my knitting 😉

So, over the next few weeks/months you’ll see some changes to the PurpleSage Designs website as it becomes the portal to all three pattern lines.


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