Tubular Cast-On using Judy’s Magic Cast-On

JMCO and tubular1Oct. 26, 2009 edit:  added images

It is like magic! I’ve put some new links on the Techniques page including ones to Judy’s Magic Cast-0n and how it can be incorporated into a tubular cast-on. This makes a great cast -on for hats — beautiful edge, firm but with give and good resilience. It does not stretch the same amount as the 1×1 ribbing I’m using, though.

So, I’m experimenting with larger needles (first option) / varying stitch counts (if option 1 doesn’t work out) with this cast-on.

CJMCO and tubular3urrently I’m working with a baby/sport weight yarn (pink). I’m using 3.25mm [US3] needles for the ribbing and for my third try am using 4mm [US6] needles for the cast-on and first round only, then switching to the 3.25mm [US3]. I’ve only done about 5 rows of the ribbing, not quite enough yet to test and see if this is the magic combination!

ETA Sept 24.09: That combination of needle sizes worked great for this project!


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