Men’s Standard Sizing Charts

Mens Measurements Consolidated - Inches-avg wrist

For quite a while I’ve been meaning to consolidate all of my men’s sizing information into one chart and I finally did it! It just takes so much out of knitting time 😦

So, I’ve just added the following charts to the Designer Resources page:
—  men’s standard measurements (in inches)
— men’s sweater measurements (in inches)
— men’s standard measurements (in centimeteres)
— men’s sweater measurements (in centimeters)

The charts represent averaged numbers from various sources in chest sizes 34″ – 52″ (86 – 132cm). Please read the caveats, limitations and source information on the Designer Resources page. Please feel free to use the information in these charts in your designing if you find them useful.

I’ve also added some resource links to other sizing information for preemies, babies, children and adults.


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