Another first — a yellow-spotted salamander!

Yellow-spotted salamander
Yellow-spotted salamander

For those of you who’ve followed along from the beginning, you know that we’ve been doing a lot of renovations during the last 5 years on our old homestead. And you know that we like to recycle.

So,  we are using the old siding from the house  to put on the workshop. We had stored this old siding outside, next to the woodshed. Today, when I lifted up one of the siding boards….there he/she was!!  … a yellow-spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) — a first for us!

This is him/her scampering away to hide! It was very quick once it decided to move.

When we first lifted the  board it sat there totally still, just like in the first picture. I got the camera — it never moved as a snapped the first picture. We were beginning to fear that it might not be alive anymore. Then as we moved the board it was sitting on, it started to scuttle way!  Happiness is 🙂


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