Celtic Child: Forest Paths Baby Blanket pattern

2009_0528CC_Cuddle_Up_Blanket0002Published June 1, 2009:  Forest Paths Baby Blanket — details on the Ravelry Patterns page.

On to write up the “little purple hat” pattern — it is beckoning me……….

Nova Scotia Local Yarn Shops Page

The Nova Scotia LYS page has been getting a lot of hits, so remember to leave me a comment if you have any Nova Scotia yarn shops to add to the list. Let’s support our LYS’s!!!

SHEARING DAY/BACK to BACK CHALLENGE at Gaspereau Valley Fibres is back again this year on June 6th — an International competition that has newly shorn wool spun and knit into a sweater — last year’s record setters were from Toronto with a time of just under 6 hours! The second-place team from Australia was only about 13 minutes behind!



  1. Classic! The patterns are adorable, the colours fit well. I’d never imagine chosing such colours cause I always think they’d be dull, yet you give it off perfectly.

    Thankyou for the newsletters, If possible I’d really appreciate it if you’d send the instructions?

    Thanks again,

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