Jenna Hurry Published in Yarn Forward Magazine

Jenn Leaf Lace CardiganEdit May 10/09:

Here’s a picture of the sample that was sent to YF to be photographed for the publication. For the whole story and more pics see Jenna’s blog post for today. Thanks, Jenna, for allowing me to post this pic — and thank you to your photographer, too.

Edit May 5/09:

the preview pages are up on the Yarn Forward magazine site so you can see the pattern picture here — it’s the 4th one down. The modeled cardi was knit using recycled yarn which Jenna over-dyed. For those of you on Ravelry, here’s the pattern page link.

How exciting is this!

Original Post:

Jenna’s Leaf Lace cardi (#22 in the 3rd thumbnail) can be seen on the preview pages for Issue 13 of Yarn Forward magazine. It’s a beautiful cropped, short-sleeved cardigan with an asymmetrical closing — perfect for when you need just a little touch of warmth!

Congratulations, Jenna!


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