Crossed Yarn-Over Long Tail Cast On…2

This is a variation of the Crossed Yarn-over Long-tail Cast-on (CYO LTCO) that was in the last post. The last post had this cast-on worked on a patterned rib fabric.
Crossed Yarn-over Long-tail Cast-on

Variation 1: First Row after Cast-on Knit

Here, the first row (a Wrong Side row) is worked as a knit row, creating the purl bumps you see on the Right Side just above the loops from the cast on.

Since this is a very elastic cast on, you can see that when the remaining fabric is worked in stocking stitch (knit Right Side, purl Wrong Side), the bottom edge flares a bit.

Variation 2: Yarn Over Loop Knit Together with Cast-On Loop

Crossed Yarn-Over Long-tail Cast OnIn this variation, knit the Yarn Over loop together with each corresponding cast-on stitch.

This is still an elastic cast-on, but not as elastic as the above version. This version provides a slightly raised edge but a less “loopy” finish;  the edge still flares if stocking stitch is used as the main fabric stitch but not as much as Version 1 above.


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