Vintage Child Accordion Skirt
Crossed Yarn-Over LongTail Cast-On Not Blocked

A unique new cast-on — “unvented”, I’m sure 😉

It’s a cast-on that creates a looped, very elastic cast-on edge perfect for this pleated skirt pattern.

In the first photo, the cast-on loops were not blocked {– pinning 224+ loops isn’t for everyone! }

Crossed Yarn-Over LongTail Cast-On Blocked
Crossed Yarn-Over LongTail Cast-On Blocked

In the second photo, the loops have been blocked open {read that as each pinned individually}.

The knitting pattern shown here is the hem of the PurpleSage Vintage Child: Accordion design, a girl’s skirt.

The full tutorial on this elastic cast-on is on the PurpleSage website and there’s a downloadable pdf for you as well (just scroll to the bottom of the tutorial page.)