Hot off the presses!

This is a 2-faced scarf! Quite nice, I think in that it presents a subtle as well as a slightly more dramatic side.

The stitch pattern is a 2-row repeat so easy-peasy to remember so it makes it a really quick knit!

Yarn: Worsted Weight; approx. 250 yds [230m]
Needles: 4.5mm [US7]
Width: 5.5 inches [ 14cm]
Length: 48 inches [120cm]

K(k): knit
P(p): purl
kbl: knit through back of loop


Cast on 37 stitches.

Stitch Pattern: Hunter’s Stitch, The Harmony Guides440 more Knitting Stitches Volume 3 (1998)

Row 1 {RS}: P4, *(kbl, p1) 3 times, kbl, p4; repeat from * to end of row.
Row 2: K4, *p1, (kbl, p1) 3 times, k4; repeat from * to end of row.

Repeat these 2 rows 137 more times or until scarf measures 48” [120cm].

Bind off in pattern and weave in ends.