Happiness is …. New Stash!!

Yes, a mere 3 (actually really only 2) days after I placed the order it’s here! Totally surprised!

On Tuesday evening I placed an order with Wool Tyme (Ottawa, ON, Canada) and today it was at the post office — in rural Nova Scotia! Excellent service on both their part and on the part of Canada Post.

So, what did I get????

Here’s the chronicling of the unpacking πŸ™‚ — the surprise of it all, even when we know exactly what we ordered! lol

I might add that they have ALL passed the cheek test and are super soft — yeah! This was one of my greatest fears when ordering online — one person’s soft is not another’s, so even if a yarn is described as soft I don’t totally trust that I will think the same.

Soya Cotton DK
50% Soya, 50% Cotton
Colour: pomegranate (a little darker and therefore not so pink-ish in real life than in the pic); very nice colour
Machine washable, dry flat

Mission Falls:
My first experience with Mission Falls and I know why people fall in love with this yarn!

100% merino superwash
Colour: denim (again, the actual colour is more intense than in the picture, a very deep deep teal — not sure I’d call it denim)

Falk (by Dale of Norway)
100% wool
machine washable
I ordered several colours for a colour work project I wanted to try. The red shown here again is a little off — I ordered the cherry red and it is a true full bodied red (the pic on the website looks just like mine so I was a little worried that the red would not be the right colour, but it’s perfect.)

Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK
80% bamboo, 20% wool
Colour: Willow
This is sooooo soft! Machine washable dry flat.

So much goodness!


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