Multipurpose Design: Clutch – Free Pattern

So, here’s an idea for the swatch you knit for the Polperro Northcott scarf (January 3, 2009 post).

Finished size: approx. 7″[18cm]w by 5″ [13cm]tall

The swatch pictured in that post consists of 2 full repeats of the pattern sequence plus Rows 1 – 8 of a 3rd sequence.

To make a small clutch (swatch is 7″[18cm] wide and about 11″ [28cm] long at this point) bind off all stitches.

If you fold wrong sides together along the first set of horizontal knit and purl rows (Rows 26 – 28)(top picture)…

and then fold again along the second set of horizontal knit rows — Voila! a little clutch once you sew up the side seams and add a button or two or three as closures.

The fabric texture when using 6mm needles is loose enough that you don’t have to actually knit special button holes.


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