New Year, New Idea: Free Knit Men’s Scarf Pattern Stitches

An idle brain — no such thing!

As I peruse blogs and forums there seems to appear a recurring theme regarding a dearth of patterns for men — including men’s scarves. (Probably all those last minute knitters before the holidays, but we’ve all been there!) Did someone say help???????

So I sat down for a friendly tete-a-tete with my stitch pattern guides and found 77 possible candidates — stitch patterns that would not be deemed too frilly, girly, flamboyant, froufrou or totally chichi — but rather patterns that say “bold”, “dignified”, “stately” “valiant yet verile” with maybe a little “hunk” thrown in.

I do find it interesting that these patterns easily translate to women’s and children’s garments and yet the reverse is not true. Hmmmmmmm

So over the next few weeks and months, I’ll knit up some swatches (Oh yes!) to show you the stitch pattern itself with some guidelines as to how to turn it into a designer scarf brought to you — by you! Okay, I may throw in a complete pattern or two — I just know I won’t be able to stop myself 😉


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