Technique: Latvian Twist

Front Latvian Twist

This unique twist element provides a beautifully scalloped border.

Must be knit flat:

It must, however, be worked straight. If you are incorporating it into a knit-in-the-round work (like the EarthSea Cowl in the previous post), the Latvian Twist edge has to be knit back-and-forth first and then the work can be joined to knit the rest of the pattern.


The Latvian Twist rotates the stitches on the left-hand needle a full turn {360 degrees} on the horizontal axis. The twist can be done toward the front or toward the back of the work. This tutorial shows the front twist.

For this example

  • 5 rows stocking stitch were knit to establish the border; fewer rows would create a much tighter curl — more rows would create a more generous scallop; these rows can also be knit in garter stitch for a different effect
  • ten (10) stitches are knit at the beginning of the 6th row and between each Twist

After knitting the first 10 stitches of the 6th row,

Step 1:

bring the left-hand needle to the front of your work.

Step 2: Rotate the left-hand needle (and all of its stitches) toward you until the knit stitches are face down {purl stitches showing}.

Step 3:

Keep rotating the left-hand needle; bring it up behind the work until it is in line with the right-hand needle once again.

The knit stitches on the left-hand needle are to the front again. The cast-on edge is lying between the right and left-hand needles.

Knit the next 10 stitches and repeat Steps 1 – 3.

Here’s what the knit edge looks like:

Once it’s blocked, it looks like this.

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