The Rowan has spoken!

Time is flying by and the holidays are looming. Design time is at a premium these days — too much “regular” life! Home renovations can be fun but also very time consuming!

There are, however, 2 new PurpleSage designs looming in the wings —

#1) a pattern designed for the beautiful pumpkin Rowan (a DK and so soft!) that you will be able knit for that special someone in your life; it will be perfect for Valentines so look for this one in early January to give you lots of time πŸ˜‰


#2) a luxuriously easy-to-knit pattern using the green (plus a Blue Lagoon) Fleece Artist Somoko — something that will keep those chilly winter winds at bay!

Here’s a sneak peek at the stitch patterns. The colours are absolutely luscious and created a beautiful blend. I’ve had this yarn since the spring and have tried a number of different designs but nothing seemed right — until I tried this one! I think it’s a keeper!! I hope you agree when you see it.

Now it’s all about the pattern writing and photography.


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