Long Skinny Scarf: opposing sequences

Here you go — twisted stitch fixed and everything šŸ˜‰

This shows both the original sequence (bottom) and the new sequence with the turnaround.

I hope this shows up well enough — it’s dark here now so the lighting may not be the best. If you’d like a clearer pic just leave a comment and I’ll try again in the daylight tomorrow.

In the picture I have completed 2 sequences of the second pattern.

As I write the big floor sander is wending its way across our bedroom floor……



  1. I think I like the reverse pattern too, but not as a reverse pattern, iykwim. I think it’d look great as a continuous switch – a couple repeats of pattern A, a couple of pattern B – all curvy, swimmy like. Which would be directional, but not as obviously directional…

    And totally not work for those knitting along already :P. Aren’t I helpful?

  2. Are you lurking around in my brain, somewhere? I was just thinking today that switching back and forth between the two patterns might provide some interesting lines!!

    And thanks for providing continuing inspiration! I see a second scarf looming on the horizon šŸ˜‰

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