Celtic Jenna Rose – newest PS design

Here it is!

The Celtic Jenna Rose pattern is ready!

And while it may seem a little out of season for those of us in the north, spring is just beginning in the southern hemisphere! Also, this tank looks fabulous over a crisp puff-sleeved blouse.

The sample is made from Bernat Soy Naturals, a soy/acrylic blend, a very lovely yarn to knit. The pattern comes in sizes from 32″ – 42″ [82 – 107cm] bust and is designed with 0 to -2 inches [0 to -5cm] of ease.

The Celtic knot centrepiece is charted only.


The Celtic Jenna Rose pattern was my last major project that was waiting in the wings, so I’m all caught up and it feels good! Deadlines met and, hopefully, no one disappointed.

I’m going to take a week or two to “clean house”, file everything in its proper place and protect all my goodies while we refinish our bedroom (right next to The Studio) floor — which is nailed down with square nails — how cool is that?! The scraping is done, so now comes the sanding and putting on a new finish coat. It will be good to stop living in the spare bedroom!!

Up for consideration next:

  • hat to match Cridhe Irish Heartbeat
  • adult version of Peony Mairei
  • and I have found a lace pattern that works well for the Fleece Artist Somoko so I’m leaning toward a cowl for that yarn – I started charting the pattern on graph paper tonight

Now what will that burnt orange Rowan DK become????

Did I say I was taking a break for a couple of weeks??????



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