Recycling old glasses cases

It’s not just a way to remember who your optometrist is!

This glasses case has a spring-loaded lid so it clamps shut quite nicely.

Great way to transport hooks, stitch markers, stitch holders, sewing needles and all those little items that get lost in the bottom of your knitting, crocheting or sewing bag.

You can even use the cleaning cloth that you always get with a pair of glasses as a needle/pin holder – just fold the cloth in half, stab your pins/needles in and out of the cloth on one half of the folded cloth. Then, fold it in half again (or roll it) to cover the needles and tuck it into the ‘carrier’.

Just a thought!

And I’m still working on reversing that pattern for the Long Skinny Scarf, but it doesn’t look good — I have a variation but it’s not a true mirror image, so I’ll knit a few rows and take a picture and see what you think!


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