Cridhe Irish Heartbeat – Tadah!!!

It is done! And a little ahead of schedule — a very good feeling!

This little Irish pullover was the cause of — ok — it was really me not it — 3, count ’em 3, recalculations of gauge before I got it right! I was beginning to wonder…..

The name, you ask? Google is a wonderful tool 😉 I decided to look for a Gaelic dictionary and to find the translation for “heart” — and Google delivered. (Shows how trusting I am, doesn’t it, that I am counting on the fact that the translator wasn’t out to make me look silly by having Cridhe actually mean goat’s beard or meerkat spit. I am happy in my ignorance!)

Happiness rules supreme tonight as the pattern found its way to the LYSO and the Ravelry storefront.

As always, you can access all the important stuff through the website — link top left 😉

I will exit stage right!


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