Estate Auction: Treasures and Mysteries

I thought I’d share just one item I bought at the estate auction on Sunday: 3 boxes of assorted knitting, crochet, needlepoint and sewing items – some of the sewing patterns and needlepoint kits hadn’t even been opened!

The box of crochet hook also contained a hat pin (second from the left in the picture). The item on the far left is a steel crochet hook with a wooden handle. Both of these items are actually also in the closeup picture with the Ktel somethings???

The crochet hook closeup picture is just so you can check out the price — 20 cents!!

There was one bag of yarn (light blue / white Titanic) that’s a cotton / linen / nylon blend; the rest of the yarn is 100% acrylic — mainly Mary Maxim variety. The Capricorn and Vision are fuzzy. The vision yarn still has the Mary Maxim pattern with it.

The sewing patterns can’t be classified vintage — just older 😉 There is, however, a Magic Fit Master Pattern kit.

I paid $10 for the entire lot — I was happy 😉


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